Zea mays

Organism Details
Common Name Maize
Genus Zea
Species mays
Abbreviation Z. mays

Maize is one of the world's most imporant food crops.  Maize was used for pioneering research in genetics but currently lags behind rice in terms of resources for systems genetics studies.  Maize serves as a  candidate for network translational studies as associations implied in the rice networks may be translated to maize.  The gene co-expression network for maize has been constructed from publicly available samples of the Affymetrix Maize Genome array.

Click "Networks" in the "Resources" menu to the right to view a list of all networks for this species. In summary, the following networks are available:

  • The Maize v1.0 global gene co-expression network
Source Data

Information and data required to construct the networks for this species can be found at the following locations:


Details about the networks presented for this species are found in the following publications:

Genomic/Genetic Data Summary
The following genomic and genetic data types are currently present for this organism.
Feature Type Count
Chromosomes 11
Genes 108,754
SNPs 0
InDel 0
QTLs 0
The following network are available for this species. Click on a network for further details and exploration.
Network Name Network Type Module Count Edge Count Node Count Average Degree <k>
ZmGlobal-v1.0 co-expression 28 34,361 2,071 33.18

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